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 Hacked Drupal Website Cleanup
This one's for hacked Drupal website cleanup. Does this look okay?
If you think your Drupal install has been hacked or if you are facing malicious attacks against your website, we can help you deal with these kinds of security issues. To prevent your site from security attacks, you need to think like hackers. You need to explore every possible vulnerability that a hacker might try to exploit. That's exactly what we do to stay ahead of the curve.
Even if you may think that your site has nothing worth being hacked for, you have to acknowledge the fact that websites are compromised all the time. The majority of website security breaches are carried out not to just steal your data or corrupt your website, but instead to hijack your servers to carry out activities of illegal nature.
How the sites get hacked
There are plenty of ways that a malicious user might try to exploit security vulnerabilities on your site. Some of the most common vulnerabilities found in Drupal sites are:
  • ​XSS
  •  Insecure Environment/ Web host 
  •  Stolen Access 
  •  Outdated code, known vulnerabilities
How we work
  • ​We check if your contributed modules or core code have been hacked
  • ​We create patches for hacked contributed modules or core code 
  • ​We check for spam links and pages. 
  • ​We check for hacks placed in the templates and/ or the database. 
  • ​We review and remove the code inserted during the hack. 
  • ​We take backup of the database. 
  •  We store code in a version control system (such as Git). 
  • ​We run the pending updates (core and contributed modules) through Drush. 
  • ​If your website has been hacked due to poor security at your web host we can move your website to a new host as part of the service.
Our Clients
Alan Jacobson
Founder / Tweentribune.com
"Drushield’s work is excellent, their dedication is extraordinary, Their knowledge is remarkable, It has been a pleasure and an honour to work with them. My site serves more than 10 million pages per month. 
SmithSonian Learning Institution acquired my website.
Drushield team made my success possible."
Hom Bahmanyar
Council Member / losgatoscenter
"Appreciative of your responsiveness to our issues even after completion of our project and full payment."
Xiangwei Gong
President Asia / DSM Food Specialities
"Dru shield is an excellent trustworthy partner, professional and responsive. We are very happy with their service and would recommend their service to anybody further."
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